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Why Choose KiwiSign?
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Ideal for water parks, the KiwiSign system makes it easy to upgrade existing digital signs and create dynamic sign displays throughout the park. KiwiSign dramatically cuts installation costs by streamlining hardware, eliminating processors and cables, and providing software with support. Our weatherproof digital signage player plugs into the HDMI port on any monitor or TV screen. All you need is a power outlet and a WIFI connection. Schedule automatic content changes any time of day; control your KiwiSign displays from a computer or smartphone app.

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Low Bandwidth

KiwiSign is powered by a low-bandwidth system that includes a simple digital media player, online software and smartphone apps that are easy to use. All content is downloaded to your KiwiSign devices, for a reliable menu display even when internet connections are inconsistent. Our WiFi downloads save network bandwidth too, so digital displays will never slow down your internet connection speeds.

Digital Signage System For waterpark advertising company

Digital signage systems are the ideal solution for water parks. KiwiSign’s digital media player plugs into any size screen, indoors or out. KiwiSign software supports high-quality images and 4k video, for engaging displays that enhance the water park experience. Integrate affordable digital signage into your park for ticketing, concessions and entertainment. Instantly update menus, photos, and special pricing with our easy-to-use apps. Digital signage helps to speed up customer interactions while providing a user-friendly experience. Large format digital signs are easier to read; they expedite ticketing and eliminate the need for printed restaurant menus. KiwiSign even has digital menu software for touch-screens, to power your touch-screen technology and create interactive menus.
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