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Review Management

Online reviews are an important part of a water park marketing plan. Our review management system monitors your reviews across the web and directs incoming reviews to the right place to reduce response time. Responding to reviews is the best practice, no matter what the reviewer has posted. According to recent data, 87% of customers read online reviews for local businesses. Ratings from sites like Facebook and Yelp are averaged and displayed in search results. These reviews are even factored into your website’s search engine ranking, directly affecting your water park’s online visibility. Our Review Management Team understands how much influence those online stars have on water park crowds. Review Management helps gather authentic feedback from water park visitors, increase your online presence and improve your brand’s reputation.
waterpark advertising strategies

How To Improve A Water Park’s Reputation

A water park’s online reputation can take years to build, yet only seconds to destroy. Your reputation is constantly re-defined with every social media mention. When customers see your water park on a search results page, they make snap judgments based on comments, reviews, or blog posts. People are constantly talking about your brand, and monitoring these conversations is critical to maintaining your park’s positive online reputation.

It’s important to see customer feedback as an opportunity to make real, lasting improvement to your business. There is no amount you can spend on advertising that can outweigh an online reputation for poor customer service or an underwhelming water park experience. It’s better to be proactive and solve problems before they become major issues. Customers read your responses to online reviews to find out what to expect if they have a problem during their visit. A review management strategy helps you get a crisis under control quickly. Rebuild confidence in your brand with fast, consistent communication, then live up to your word by implementing any promised changes. Create a track record of care and concern for your customers, and they’ll reward you with a stellar online reputation.

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